Founded by Siavash Zarrin-abaadi and Alireza Golpayegani in 1999, this studio started its first project
Olympics (the title changed to Zebr-o-Zerang later). A one hundred episodes animation produced to be
aired as an interlude for television. Each episode shows a comic match between two rival athletes. The
series entered ANNECY’s competition in 1999 and also won best animation film’s prize in Sport Movies
and TV Festival of Milan in 2002. The studio also made tens of commercial and industrial films. The
commercial for Sahel Tuna Fish won the best commercial animation from Tehran’s 4 th animation festival.

Pahlevanan (The Heroes) was the first major project done in Harekat-e Keledi. Written and directed
by Zarrin–Abadi, this 26 episode series tells the story of Pouriay-e-Vali (an Iranian legendary hero) and
his friends living in the city of Quarazm. The series attracted the audience and appeared on Iraninan
television for several times. Due to its warm reception by the audience, another 26 episodes are being

Shoja’an (The Brave-hearted) is another series written by Siavash Zarrin-abadi and Danesh Giti and
directed by Zarrin-Abadi himself. It is about an Iranian helicopter squad fighting against Saddam
Hossein’s army during the 8 years Iran-Iraq war. The series is currently on Iranian TV right and the
production of upcoming episodes is in progress.

Aghaye Mehraban (Mr Kind) is an 80 minute animation film written by Davood Amirian and directed by
Alireza Golpayegani and Behnam Deldadeh.

The studio has produced more projects and there are several animation series being developed for